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The Jasper Valentijn Foundation ( WeCare4INAD ) directives are : generating attention and publicity for and achieving financials means from the proceeds of events, gifts, activities, attract benefactosr and sponsors to  further scientifically research medicines for Infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy ( INAD , Seitelbergers Decease ) and inherent which can beneficial to. It is not intended to make any payments to the founders/ board members. The foundation is a non-profit and an “Public Benefit Organisation” (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI)
More information on ANBI http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algemeen_nut_beogende_instelling

Stichting Jasper Valentijn Foundation; we care for INAD

RSIN number : 854960260
Rabobank account number : NL69 RABO 0302 2108 49
Stichting Jasper Valentijn Foundation ; we care for INAD
Address : P.van Oldenborghlaan 43, 4797CP te Willemstad (NB), Netherlands
e-mail : info@jaspervalentijnfoundation.nl

Action plan for 2015

The strategy for 2015 :
– generating awareness and publicity for research on INAD to find medications and/or treatment for INAD ( Seitelbergs disease ) and all that relates to or could be positive for

– raising financial means from proceeds of events, gifts, activities and auctions. Searching for donors, benefactors and sponsors
– raised funds are donated to organisations who conduct research into INAD ( Seitelbergers Disease )
– capital will be held on the specific bank account until proceeds can be donated to researchers, universities, scientist who research possible medication and / or treatments against INAD.

Composition of its board

Treasurer : N. Veenman – van Mourik
Chairmann : R.F.Veenman
Member of board : Laura Verhoeven

Reward policy

Board members are volunteers and are not rewarded or receive any salary for services. They only are to receive reimbursement of expenses, which are reasonably made in the function of the foundation.


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