The faces of INAD

INAD is very rare and unknown. Thanks to Facebook, parents worldwide found each other. Together they battle the disease, which slowly, but certain is destroying their children.  Here you can see them and there must be something you can relate to. Maybe they look like your own daughter or son, you grandchild, niece or cousin, the girl from the other street. They have the same name or life in a town you once visited.

Because they are so rare, they need your help ! There’s no help from governments, They are no interesting for the pharmaceutical industry.

Help them by spreading their story, by making a donation or volunteer! Because without your help , there is no chance to beat INAD.

Zakaria Zahra Tom Olivia Maureen Lisandru Landon Korri Jasper Jared - kopie Jake - kopie Indie Grace Evie-Mae Augustin

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